sábado, marzo 18, 2006 

Antigua Guatemala

HPIM0223, Publicada por price1869.


Bandera de Guatemala

HPIM0205, Publicada por price1869.


Lake Peten Itza

Lake Peten Itza, Publicada por mletag.


San Pedro

HPIM1402, Publicada por price1869.

miércoles, marzo 15, 2006 

Good Morning Guatemala

Good Morning, Publicada por Andresalrevez.

martes, marzo 14, 2006 

Ciudad de Guatemala

Vista desdel el nivel 12 del Edificio Las Margaritas.


Hotel Santo Tomas

Hotel Santo Tomas, Publicada por anwamehtar.

A picture of the inside of Hotel Santo Tomas in Chichi., Guatemala


The Arch in Antigua

"This arch goes over the road on one of the main roads in Antigua."



3-1, Publicada por Lizethe.


Guatemala City

guatemala 002, Publicada por KublaGirl.

"The GUA airport is in the middle of Guatemala City. As we were landing, I could see inside some of the houses the plane was passing through."


Antigua, hotel

guatemala 007, Publicada por KublaGirl.


Gift shops, Antigua Guatemala

guatemala 014, Publicada por KublaGirl.


Parrot inside Santa Domingo Hotel

guatemala 031, Publicada por KublaGirl.



Curtain, Publicada por Bix`.


The view from El Casco

CIMG0025, Publicada por toadstools.


Pots for sale in Chichicastenango

CIMG0028, Publicada por toadstools.


Artesanias de Chichicastenango

CIMG0053, Publicada por toadstools.


Masks for sale in Chichicastenango

CIMG0061, Publicada por toadstools.


Rabinal Frog

rabinal-frog-060313, Publicada por rabinal.

"This is a Functional Frog. It is an inkwell. It was made in a potters' training school in Rabinal in the 1950s or early 1960s."


Volcan Atitlan, Cumbre